Q: You offer many Michigan made products. How many products are from Michigan?

A: Prime Cuts offers more than 250 items that are made in Michigan.

Q: What advantages are there to buying from a meat market rather than a traditional grocery store?

A: Quality. Grocery stores are trying to get the best price on their meat; not so much the quality of the meat or how the cattle were raised. We care more about quality and processing than pricing alone.

Q: What is the most popular item you sell?

A: Our smoked and fresh sausage, brats, followed by our bacons. We offer chicken and pork brats in several flavors and we have five different flavors of bacon. You’d have to taste it. We have more varieties of brats than anyone else in town. On Saturdays, we cook samples for our customers to taste the different sausages.

Q: What do you hope to provide your customers?

A:The best quality along with the friendliest staff. We try to listen to our customers’ needs and are always looking for ways to improve. Going to food shows and bringing new products and ideas back has helped a great deal. Watch for lots of new and exciting things in the future.

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